Epson Pro 4000 7600 9600 ink bay CSIC sensor replacement tutorial video

Epson Part Number 2060220 Csic ink sensor Pro 4000 7600 9600.
Pro 4880 7800 7880 9800 9880 IS a different part number.
The part CAN BE changed without an ink bay change.
We’ve been doing it for years without ink bay changes for the NY/NJ tristate area.
You can do it yourself as well with just a little guidance on what’s going on inside your ink bay.
Whether your sensors are beat up for years of wear and tear OR if your sensor has come out entirely, it can be replaced.
Link to the repair part product above, is here;
See the video and save;

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Posted: Tue, Jul 24, 2012 1:48 PM
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