Epson Pro 4900 HDR Refilling Tutorial Video with ChromiumPro 4K HDR Pigment Refill Bulk Inks and Refillable Ink Cartridges

Epson Stylus Pro 4900 Refilling Video with InkJetCarts Refillable ink tanks and InkJetCarts ChromiumPro 4K HDR© pigment refilling inks for Epson Pro Printers. Key Features of our product offering

  • 11 Refillable cartridges that plug and play alongside (with OR without Epson original cartridges) EASY to fill with 60ml syringes and blunt needle tips provided. Interior of cartridge is clear see through plastic and the cart design is bagged just like factory originals with a large firm seating end plug on the cartridge for solid sealing after refilling!
  • Refillable cartridges have a self contained battery chip and can be reset at ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE with any flat bladed metallic object. Lose our provided little tool? Use a screwdriver. That’s correct no separate resetter is ever needed. Just a flat bladed metallic object across two points of the chip face. This gives YOU full control. Need to go somewhere and need the printer to operate while you are gone? Refill all of the cartridges and reset all of the cartridges and go.
  • 11 funnels
  • 11 OEM MATCHED Pigment Bulk refilling inks in your choice of sizes. from;
  1. 4 fluid ounce / 125ml bottles to
  2. 8 fluid ounce / 250ml bottles to
  3. 500ml bottles or even 1 Liter Bottles.
See the 6 part Video Here (note HOVER over right side to see the links to the additional video parts)

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