Epson InkJet Printer Refilling Dampers Startup Loading Tutorial Video

New Epson Refilling Dampers for 2011 and beyond. Refillable Dampers coupled with our new Resetting Chips gives you the utmost control over refill procedures at your organization or home.
This is a video tutorial of the new design and how to load them with three different deployment methods. Our preferred method checks the entire cartridge prior to installation of the damper.
The three methods include;
  • 1) Loading the refill damper cartridge with no prepriming (just completely load the cartridge without puncturing the lower seal, let the printer do that) a slight shaking of cartridge (after closing top lid) might be necessary to ensure the internal pipeline is completely primed. this produces a fully primed cartridge with no mess and no dripping inks.
  • 2) (our preferred method) Partially load/fill the cartridge, nick lower skin film on exit port and use same syringe to pressurize the cartridge and prime internal pathway until cartridge drips slightly. then blot the cartridge. Then install inkjet cartridge and top off once in printer.
  • 3) (our second preferred method) completely load the damper getting as much ink into pipeline as possibly during initial filling. Close refill door. Then nick the exit port skin film and blot cartridge until you have a controlled drip and install the cartridge in its slot in printer.
  • It is recommended to strap the fully seated cartridges down in the printer after insertion with Fiber type strapping tape or duct tape to securely hold them in place and engaged. do not cover air ports nor refill door. 1/2 to 1 inch strip right down the middle and across the entire bank is sufficient.
Need to Remove a damper at a later date? remove as much ink as possible first and return to bulk ink bottle, then close door and remove damper.
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