Color Test Images for Known Color Comparison

These images are high quality and suitable for any inkjet printer as control documents for color output checking.
They all have their merits and are included as resources. Most of them are copyrighted and we give full credit to the creators by showing their sources and watermarks.
Every single one of these images has a purpose and has done well to control color.
These images are great for comparison between ink sets, print media and even printers themselves to have a known baseline test.
Of particular importance is the High Resolution PDI-Terget image. This image is the first image I would recommend printing for quick testing for any purpose. This image has been edited by Dry Creek Photo to include some special elements like synthetic colors that are designed purposely NOT to print accurately when compared to the original image. The colors are outside of the color gamut of even high end Pro printers.
Use them as final prepress tests or whenever needed with our appreciation of your business.
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