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HP56 InkJet Ink Printhead Cartridge Vacuum Refilling Video Tutorial

Many People know that HP56 Factory inkjet printhead type cartridges can be refilled easily by removal of the label and injecting the appropriate amount of ink into the holes under the label and when doing so, you many times, especially when the cartridge was printed completely dry the cart just won’t print right afterwards.
The vacuum refilling tool fills from the nozzles on the black inkjet ink printer cartridges. After filling you also pull a vacuum to evacuate the air bubble many times present at the bottom of the sponge (just over the printhead).
This tool is an invaluable aid to everyone. Whether refilling cartridges for yourself, your office printers, your company / organization or professionally refilling for many others you need this tool to do the job correctly and eveytime. Once completed the cartridge will print and print correctly everytime.
Furthermore you can restore dead or dying cartridges with this tool. You rebuild cartridges with this tool. Yes we have inkjet cartridge top caps and inside sponges you can even disassemble the cartridge remove the sponges and replace with new after restoring / cleaning the printhead thoroughly.
see the vacuum clip here;
Whether you’re a professional refiller or just have one printer, InkJetCarts can show you how, right here on our knowledgebase. Save 95% off retail with InkJetCarts.
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