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HP Ink Cartridges bad printing after refilling Printhead Type inkjet ink cartridge restoring video Part One Cleaning

You’ve refilled your HP Canon or Lexmark inkjet ink printhead type cartridges. You’re a pro or a novice! You still can’t get it to print properly. You’ve tried the blot testing, you’ve tried head cleanings through the printer and mechanically on the head itself. No matter what it won’t print!
If you haven’t tried our vacuum clips to remove the air bubble inside the cartridge (just above the printhead entrance inside the cartridge), then you should for this is MOST LIKELY the problem.
If however you have and you still have inferior/subpar output then you can get more aggressive in your tactics.
Most inkjet ink cartridges can be salvaged even old ones. You might need a few extra tools, some printhead cleaning solvents and maybe even a vacuum pump but you can do it.
You might need someone to do it for you and most printhead type cartridges can be restored to fully functioning and easy to refill cartridges that will serve you and your printers needs for pennies on the dollar.
This is the part one Cleaning Printhead inkjet ink cartridges video for more help on restoration of this type cartridge, after all else has failed.
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Comment By nash - Sun, Mar 27th, 2011 9:39 PM
i like your tutorial video brother!!! if you dont mind do you have tutorial for soaking in warm water?