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Epson Workforce 1100 Refillable Damper Cartridge Chip Resetting RATF Chip

Our NEW RATF reset all to full chip resetting video, available for ALL Epson desktops.
This new video will show you WHEN and HOW to reset the chip (in place AND WITHOUT removal from the printer).
Whether you have the Epson Workforce 1100 or some OTHER Epson model the resetting technique is very similar.
  1. Scanner models do NOT have an ink button and you should use your setup button and the OK button and the same procedure you would use to change factory original inkjet ink cartridges to control the printer.
  2. Other Epson models DO HAVE an ink button on the printer controls and you should use this button to control the printer during resettings.
  3. The Stylus Photo 1400 RATF chip has two switches OR a single switch marked OFF/ON. in the case of the dual switch chip running position is BOTH switches moved to inboard position (this is both switches towards the middle/ left switch rightward position and right switch leftward position). The reset position is both switches outboard (this is both switches towards the outside/ left switch left and right switch right).
  4. All movements of the switches should be made ONLY when you are in perfect alignement with the cartridge change area. those people that have unmodified printers this is easy as the ink bay cover can only be opened and closed when in alignment. Those with removed cart bay covers, ciss owners and otherwise, you must remember that movements of the switches in other positions will only error the process and result in no net gain. The switch movements send the code and the installation procedures to the printer and must be made in the correct sequences

Resetting Procedures

     a) an out of ink error "red X-unrecognized error"
     b) ink button OR OK button presses to position the head to the change position
     c) movement of switch(es) to reset position
     d) completion of cart change procedure (chip in reset will error out ALL positions) by INK or OK button
     e) ink OR OK button presses to position head to change position
     f) movement or switch or switches to run position
     g) completion of cart change procedure (chip in reset will error out ALL positions) by INK or OK button
     h) printer will charge and ink light or errors on lcd will extinguish.
     i) you should perform nozzle checks after every reset as well as during normal use to inspect for any defects.

It is important to remember that the RATF chip is not a reset "when you want to chip", it requires an "out of ink condition"  to be exhibited prior to performing the chip reset. So wait for a red "x" (as in the video) before performing the reset. Also if you have a cartridge based refill system, you will want to refill the cartridges during the resetting procedure. You will want to refill all positions as you will be resetting all positions back to full at the same time.

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Comment By Doris Vigus - Fri, Jun 11th, 2010 9:08 AM
Best customer service anywhere! You've been such a help. Thank you for this tutorial - great for all of us visual learners.
Comment By yossi ashkenazi - Sat, Feb 6th, 2010 10:16 AM
sir your explenetion is wery good thank you