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Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Prefilled Refillable Cartridges - Entry Level System

These entry level refillable inkjet ink cartridges are compatible with too many models to list.
The only thing distinguishing them from the other models is the chip installed on them and the chip code they contain.
Startup is simple;
1) Unpackage and inspect.
2) Remove the air port (shipping plug) and retain as a spare plug.
3) Install the cartridges as a set, preferably before running low on Epson inks.
a) If you receive an error as in the case of a red "x-unrecognized" cartridge this is normal if you are out or extrememly low on ink on an existing Epson cartridge. See video for inspections and tasks to perform.
b) If you receive the same error but after you have installed, printed with and used the cartridges this is most likely an Epson "out of ink error condition" and the same message you will see repeatedly "everytime" the printer thinks a certain slot is out of ink. To reset this (see the video) but just perform an Epson cartridge change procedure and lift and then replace that single cartridge and then finish the cart change procedure to extinguish the error "out of ink condition".
4) After installation we suggest your perform nozzle check pattern inpsections as well as chart printing for your model printer as per the HowToTest.pdf and/or the HowToTest.swf video. To ensure good priming and good printing results. We would also suggest the PDI-Target DCP-high res.jpg as a great color checking print file.
Additional notes.
The chips are no longer ARC (auto resetting) due to Epson firmware printer changes. The best way to describe the chips is actually MRC (manual resetting by lift and reinstallation during a cart change procedure), they will reset the printer to full on the X-unrecognized errored channel.
If you want the best chip design worldwide, see our NEW Damper cart systems with the NEW RATF chip available for all Epson desktop models worldwide.
Refilling of these carts can be done at any time you wish and directly while installed in the printer and without removal. Just remove the fill port plug and then insert the syringe needle straight down and all the way into the cart cavity. Try to pickup an airfree load of ink from your bulk bottles so you do not ingest the air bubbles into the cartridge. Then slowly deliver the inks into the cartridge. Our cartridges hold 3 times the inks of the Epson number 78 cartridges and almost twice the capacity of the high capacity number 77 cartridges. So you can pick your moment as to when to refill. We usually choose a time to refill, when we have time and try to do so when it coincides with a required resetting event.
We would suggest the AfterCare.pdf document on our site as a global overview hard copy to read.
We would suggest that you understand that Epson loves head cleaning routines as it wastes a lot of ink. We hate them and rarely use them. The only cases where a head cleaning is really required is in the cases of NO FLOW or less than about 20% of a nozzle check pattern. The rest of the time we use printing of color charts instead of head cleaning procedures. Remember what was just said. If you have no flow, you MUST do a head cleaning to at least start flow. You can blank sheets and it will never (start) flow.
Our color charts are free to down load and are contained in the IJC Support.pdf. How to print them proeprly is what the HowToTest.pdf and .swf video is all about.
I will set links to all the above mentioned items in this document a little later, but for now I have a few people that need this video link first.
Here’s the video link;
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