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Epson Printhead Cleaning Instructional Video (Manual Methods) Advanced Clean

Printhead Cleaning and Health for Epson Piezo Electric Print Heads
What you should ask and answer before beginning!
What is the problem?
How Long has it been there?
Were the issues requiring many Printhead cleanings and wasting much Ink?
How often do you use the printer?
How often do you turn it off?
How often do you nozzle test?
How Old or what is the average age of your inks?
What is the age of your printer?
What is your current nozzle check pattern output in terms of percentage of coverage for each color position?
Does that pattern stay consistent no matter what you do or have done? Or does it vary?
Are you using refillable carts, bulk ink supply or factory/generic carts?

You should answer the above questions with a great deal of thought/honesty and accuracy and we can better help you.
Every answer would be an important consideration on where to start and what might actually be the most probable cause of the real problem.

How you begin to troubleshoot would be from least aggressive to more and more aggressive as results are tested.
We would NOT move to direct suctioning of the head without the following steps in order of least to more aggressive. The below steps assume we will use fresh or KNOWN GOOD inks and possibly a new or alternate delivery system also for troubleshooting.

  1. nozzle check output review (suspect dried ink under head or in some jets?) treat the capping station pad with 100% cleaner and let printer sit for up to 1 hour. power up normally and recheck nozzles, any difference?
  2. swap delivery original delivery system with new carts OR our printhead cleaning carts as a delivery system and recheck nozzles (don’t forget to pre-prime system). any difference?
  3. remove some inks from the channel(s) with the problem and introduce at least a 50-80% solution of pure printhead cleaner. Download Color Priming Test Charts from our website and reference the HowToTest video on how to print them. Print up to 3 single page charts of affected color(s) per HowToTest video and then retreat the capping pad and park head for another hour unplugged
  4. Restart the printer and recheck nozzles and see if any differences. same output as previous? move to more advanced procedure or if differences? maybe continue on with more of step 3) if progress is seen.
  5. Most advanced procedure is suctioning (yes suctioning of head) and is shown in the video below. We would never recommend pushing through the head except in an extreme situation and especially never unless suctioning of the head was not accomplished FIRST before any pressurization of the head.
  6. Most likely a combination and repeated attempt or a prolonged lapse / rest / soaking of the head during one or ALL of these steps might be required depending on the severity of the problem or the length of time the events has transpired over.

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