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Canon PFI-301 PFI-701 Bottom Collar Removal Instructions

Canon PFI-301 PFI-302 PFI-701 or PFI-702 bottom collar adapter removal instructions for chip recovery purposes.
See the attached pdf document for specifics.
You do not need to retain the original collar as our refillable systems include a new collar.
You will need to work on one color at a time and ensure you do not intermix the chips.
Once you lose track of the chip you cannot tell the chip from one another so work specifically and with perfect accountability.
We do have compatible chips if required but it is an unecessary expense if you just work slowy and with good accountability.
Make a not of the proper orientation on the chip upon assembly. Use a factory (never disassembled) cartridge as a model for orientation and placement of the chip you remove when assembling it placing it on our cartridge, prior to snapping on the new bottom collar.
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