Canon Pigment Ink

InkJet Inks are NOT ALL alike

Ensure you receive OEM Matched supplies for your ImagePrograf and not just compatible inks

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Call us toll free 888.465.9979 or email us at we are thorough and have knowledge on ALL systems even our competitors.

InkJetCarts ships all orders with inks that will work in your printer as if they are manufacturers supplies

Whether you have the ipf500 or ipf720 through the ipf9100 we have an OEM ink match and a delivery system for you. iPFW6200 and iPFW6400 users can benefit as well with a quality aftermarket solution. We're just an email email us or a phone call away 888-465-9979 toll free 9-5 EST.

With the large range of inkjet supply products out there in the market, isn't it nice to deal with someone that uses their own products daily? Someone that can share that information when things don't go as planned? Someone that is not just selling things but actually using their own products?

Let InkJetCarts provide you with;

  • Proven refillable, bulk or truly compatible and OEM MATCHED inkjet ink supplies
  • Low Cost Large, Medium and Small format inks, compatible, refillable delivery systems and supplies
  • We sell true quality pigment inks, eco solvent, pigment, photo dye, dye sublimation, Fabric Heat Transfer, Textile Garment and other specialty inks
  • We sell delivery systems that work and most include high tech advances like compatible Canon imagePrograf chips from reliable USA sources. The original Canon chips can also be overridden (a Canon authorized owners manual procedure that is easy to perform and also what we recommend to save the most money on each refilling)
  • Whether you need continuous inks supply systems (CISS CIS) or refillable cartridges that are truly more advanced than the competition, we have them!
  • Whether you need compatible inks or specialty inks, WE HAVE AN OEM MATCH to them and we sell them daily
  • Let the experience of InkJetCarts shine some savings on you. We want to be your ink supplier of first choice
  • We protect our customer data

    We would prefer you to create an account for data capture. InkJetCarts regularly purges the information on our website for security reason. Yes the site is SSL protected but WE PROTECT our customer data.

    InkJetCarts will further protect your email address. InkJetCarts does NOT SPAM, SHARE or SELL your address. Some (very few) of our customers actually complain that we do NOT send regular emails. If you need anything, call or email us we WILL REPLY. We will NOT however send unwarranted/unsolicited emails.

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